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The Temporal War is an endless battle, fought at the very edge of time. It exists within a singular moment, long after the universe has stopped expanding and has collapsed back in on itself. In this moment of rebirth, an incredible power can be found… and harnessed.

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The following prologue is a work of fiction. Do not be alarmed…

Long ago on a world much like Earth, a theory was proposed by a well respected scientist. The theory stated that one day, the universe would stop expanding and collapse in on itself, like one giant black hole. This wasn’t the revolutionary part of the theory, however.

It went on to state that the process had already begun. Not only that, but it was happening exponentially faster than expected. Unfortunately, it would take slightly less than a 100 years before the evidence would be clear and obvious in the night sky. At which point, it would be too late.

Without sufficient proof, the warning fell flat. The scientist was shunned by the world and quietly faded into obscurity.

Game Summary

This arena battle, trading card game can play two to six players. So grab your friends, choose your summoner, and get ready for an action packed game of strategy and luck! Let the chaos ensue in free-for-all mode or group into teams for some interesting collaborations. The choice is yours.

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The Basics: You start the game with one warrior card and a warrior piece that represents it on the board (aka the arena). This warrior is known as your summoner. By spending energy (aka aether), you can summon more warriors from your deck of cards into the arena.

Memories: Your deck of cards is also called your memories, because the cards within it represent the memories of your summoner. You can build a custom deck and even use cards that don’t match your summoner’s faction or color. Just keep in mind, cards that share your summoner’s faction synergize better.

Win Conditions: The object of The Temporal War is very simple; be the last player/team standing. Defeat enemy summoners by taking their health to zero or destroying their home base (aka temple). OR take a less direct approach and gain control of the six aether fountains, located on the outside corners of the board. If one player ever controls all six, they claim victory. The fountains travel inward as time passes, and if the game ends without a winner, the player who controls the most fountains wins!

The Six Factions

The six crystals have found their way together once again, into the hands of six heroes. When the time comes, the crystals will activate and send each of these heroes to The Temporal Realm where they will battle for the near infinite power found within.

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The Humans & The Undead coexist behind giant metal walls that circle entire landscapes and cities of stone. These walls provide them both with protection from the wildlands, but they also force these natural enemies to live side by side.

The Elves & The Beasts live in the overgrown wildlands and fight over shared territories. Despite this never-ending conflict, both party’s have a mutual respect for one another, but at the end of the day, it’s survival of the fittest in these lands.

The Angels & The Demons live far from the other factions. The angels reside on one of the moons that circle the planet. Meanwhile, the demons dwell deep beneath the planet’s surface. It is the responsibility of the angels to quell the demons when they decide to surface.

Key Features

Just as the game’s lore revolves around a universal collapse and restart, the game itself operates in a similar manner. It takes the most basic elements from many different gaming genres and brings them together to create something new and exciting.

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Unique Battle Mechanics: Our battle system appeals to dice rolling fanatics and strategic thinkers alike while also being quick and easy once mastered. In short, the attacker and defender roll for advantage, and damage is then calculated based on their battle stats.

Strategy vs Luck: This concept shines all throughout the game and teaches us a valuable lesson. There will always be uncertainties in life, but prepare wisely and make smart decisions, and you can prevail.

Customization: Sometimes you want an epic battle that lasts hours. Other times you only have 30 minutes to spare. Sometimes you’re playing with avid gamers, and other times you’re teaching friends who haven’t played strategy games. Whatever the situation, customize your game to fit.

Competitive Scene

If you love to compete, this is the game for you. We value our store partners and their gamers to no end, and for 2024, the plan is to form local leagues at all the stores where the game is sold. Tournaments and special events will then follow.

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BIG NEWS is just around the corner. We’ll let you know more as soon as the details are all finalized. So stay tuned. As a certain stone age doctor from the year 5,738 would say, “Get excited!”.

Alpha, Beta, & Beyond

The Temporal War was created almost three years ago. It’s been a long and rewarding journey. The final Alpha version of the game is about to be unveiled, and the public Beta is right around the corner. Exciting things are coming, and you are officially invited to join along!

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You may be asking yourself, “Why call it Alpha and Beta? I thought this was a board game. It sounds more like a video game.” Rest assured, there is a method to the madness, and you’re already closer to the answer than you may think.

The use of these terms is for our target audience, which is teens and young adults who likely play video games. They are very familiar with these terms and may or may not be as familiar with board games and card games.

In fact, if everything goes according to plan, an online video game version of The Temporal War will be available in a few years. Until then, we will explore other ways to accomplish online play (Board Game Arena perhaps?).

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