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Busy Week Ahead

Another exciting week has came and gone, and we have another busy week ahead.

This week, we’ve been to an anime/gaming convention (Momocon), playtested the game, and recorded video along the way.

This coming week, the focus is going to be on getting ready for our Kickstarter launch on June 6th.


Devin and I attended this amazing convention this weekend.

It was Devin’s first convention ever, and he had a blast! He got to network with many other great artists and meet many amazing people along the way. With his extroverted personality, he fit in perfectly, and he’s excited to start booking his own artist booth at future conventions.

I also had a great time of course. It wasn’t my first convention ever, but it had been over a year, so I was excited to be there. My favorite part of the convention was the far left side of the exhibit hall. This is where people were playing card games, and social deduction games. I had a great time meeting people and playing new games! But also…


I brought The Temporal War with me to the convention, and conveniently enough, I found two players who were excited to try it out. So I pulled the game out of my backpack, and we got started.

They were the first people ever, to playtest the new Alpha set, “The Human Kingdom vs The Undead Legion”. They had a great time and offered some helpful feedback. Also, they agreed to let me film the game itself and take their pictures. I’m excited to review the footage later this week, and I’ll also post some footage from their game to social media as well, perhaps even YouTube.


As fun and eventful as the last week was, there is no room to slow down now. The Temporal War’s Kickstarter campaign is still set to launch next week, June 6th. The money from this campaign will help fund production for our beta release!

There are a few things we have to do to get ready first.

On my end, I must get all the merch planned out. This merch will be the main attractor for backers. I also have to prepare the Kickstarter page itself, making it look appealing with pictures and videos.

Also, over the next few weeks, I have to put the final edits on the New Player’s Guidebook. Then, between Devin and I, we need to get the next to Alpha sets up ordered and on the way. The plan is to offer Alpha sets to our highest level of backers.

That’s all for now! Thanks for tuning in.

See you next week!