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Kickstarter: Launching Soon

We are excited to announce that our Kickstarter campaign for The Temporal War will be launching on June 13th, 2023!
This is your chance to be a part of the game’s development and to get some amazing rewards along the way.

What are the rewards?

We are offering a variety of rewards for backers, including:

  • An official The Temporal War t-shirt
  • Copies of the beta version of the game (as soon as they arrive)
  • Commemorative necklaces
  • A promo pack
  • VIP tickets/passes to events

What is a VIP?

We plan on hosting parties and events where The Temporal War is the main attraction. Anyone can attend the festivities, but VIP passes will provide people with extra perks while they are there, such as complementary food or a special section for sitting. VIP tickets can be exchanged for a VIP pass to an event. More information to come!

How can I get involved?

To be notified when the campaign launches, click on the link below. This will take you to our official pre-launch page. Then click on the “Notify me on launch” button. You can also share this pre-launch page with all your friends! Once the campaign goes live, this link will go directly to the projects page.

Official Pre-Launch Page

We hope to see you there!