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Ready to Roll

Hi again,

I hope you’re week’s been great!

Things are happening quickly for “The Temporal War”, things you won’t want to miss!

Recording Videos

With the first Alpha version of the game in hand, I met with Devin, “The Temporal War’s” lead artist. We sat down together at one of my favorite game stores, Giga-Bites Tabletop Cafe, and we opened the Alpha set on video. It was so awesome seeing and holding these game pieces in our hands. We just had to play a game, right then and there!

On a personal note, this week has been extremely busy. Due to this, I wasn’t able to get a video posted on “The Temporal War” YouTube channel. At least I have some video ready for editing! Getting at least one video posted this week is a must!

Getting Professional Marketing Help

The plan is still to launch “The Temporal War” Kickstarter campaign in June, on the 6th to be exact. To this end, it is more important than ever to get the word out. Therefore, I have enlisted the help of a marketing team, who will be helping me get social media posts out on a regular basis, and they will also be editing some of my videos.

I’m extremely happy to have professionals in my corner on this front, especially at this critical juncture. This way, I can focus on other important tasks. They can keep my social media channels consistent and professional, while I continue working on the game and all the behind the scenes stuff. Of course, I’ll still be posting some here and there as well.

Finishing the Guidebook & More

Speaking of behind the scenes stuff, my next non-marketing project for the game is to finish the “New Player Guidebook”.

Once it is ready, “The Temporal War” will be ready for blind playtesting. If you didn’t already know, a blind playtest is when you let others play your game, without yourself being present. I’m extremely excited for this phase. Will players be able to learn the game without me there to correct mistakes? Will the guidebook work as intended? I’m nervous and excited to hear the feedback!

And this is only the tip of the iceberg! There is so much more work going on; it’s astounding, really.

Thanks for tuning in! See you next week!