The Temporal War

The Temporal War is a strategic yet chaotic battle game for two to six players. You will be split into two teams and pitted against one another to decide the fate of the universe, one side wishing to preserve, the other wishing to break it all down and rebuild.

But you cannot do this on your own, for you do not have the corporeal form necessary to enter the Temporal Arena. Instead, you must choose a Champion to fight on your behalf. Then, as the universe approaches its inevitable conclusion, you and your allies will enter the fray. 

In a matter of five rounds, you will do all you can to claim victory. Summon warriors. Fend off monsters. Cast spells. Build constructs. And so much more.

How you choose to play is up to you, but when the dust is settled, only one side will emerge victorious.

Choose Your Champion

Leonel is the third born child to a family of struggling merchants. His older brothers had their paths chosen for them, one taking up the family business, the other going into the military.

Leonel, on the other hand, was free to do as he pleased, without assistance of course. And so, he worked, and he trained, and when the day came, he left the safety of the kingdom’s walls to explore the wildlands.

He did not return for fifteen long years, but when he did, he carried an artifact of untold power.

For centuries, Thura has held the Crystal of Light, as her people call it. For centuries, she has commanded the angelic army and led them into battle against the demons below.

She bears this responsibility with a solemn air, bound by a vow of silence. This vow magnifies her already incredible powers. To command her army, she watches from above and uses the art of telepathy.

Little is known of Thura’s true desires, but a certain longing hides behind her green eyes.

There are many elf villages throughout the wildlands, and they all know Influeriel as their lord and ruler. From his tower, by the authority of the mythic crystal, he issues his decrees.

This has been the way of things for many generations, as elves live up to ten times that humans. However one day, Influeriel too must relinquish the throne and make way for his successor.

Many elves from the upper houses have already started readying for that day.

Maraga lived a bountiful and blessed life as a priestess and healer within the human kingdom, but when she herself fell ill, no other healer could save her.

She had accepted her fate, as all people should, but then, the night she was to pass, a dark figure entered her room. They set object before her that glowed a faint blue. In a daze, she picked it up with shaky hands.

As darkness fell, a terrible secret whispered into her mind. Moments later, she woke, cold and angry.

Okah was the first and only assassin in Angelic Order history. The position was created due to Okah’s exceptional ability to shapeshift. They could pass as anyone, even a demon.

Okah spent over a century behind enemy lines before – silence. Another century passed before they reemerged, wearing an ominous necklace and leading a small demon army.

Despite the scene, Okah spoke words peace. Confused and suspicious the angels refused, and the battle began.

Two principles rule beast society: survival of the fittest and dedication to your tribe. The strong deserve respect and carry a heavy burden.

None carry a heavier burden than Zodag. The young beast man was chosen at birth for his astonishing magical potential. Thus, his childhood filled with relentless training for the day he would inherit the tribe’s most sacred possession, The Burning Gem.

Now fully grown, Zodag has ascended and become the tribe’s most powerful champion in history.

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