Three Years In The Making

Ready to Roll

Conceived in October 2020, during a power outage, The Temporal War began as a way to pass the time. However, the idea did not fade when the lights returned. The seed had been planted…

3+ years later, The Temporal War has evolved numerous times. It has seen numerous hours of playtesting and is almost ready to hit the shelves.

All the stores / businesses on the map below help support The Temporal War.
Some may even have an Alpha copy you can try first hand. All you have to do is ask!

From 2017 to Today

Infinity Fiction LLC

Work a single week in the restaurant industry, and you will find so many talented individuals. The same is true almost everywhere you go. You will find people with talent and ambition, struggling to make a dollar while still doing the thing they love.

Infinity Fiction LLC was founded with the mission of bridging this gap. The goal is to create an online production company controlled by its members and not a corporate board. With this model, members will contribute to and benefit directly from the products they make.

The Temporal War is the first project made in the Infinity Fiction name, and it will be the first of many if good fortune allows. A website for Infinity Fiction is currently under development. An announcement will be made here once it goes live. So stay tuned!