Meet the Team Behind “The Temporal War”!

Buster Shadwick Jr.

Creator / Developer: Buster loves any game that requires strategy, hence the passion that created The Temporal War. He also loves a good story, the great outdoors, and spending time with family.

Devin Thain

Head of Art & Design: Devin spends the majority of his time on commissions or mixing up a beat. When he’s not working, you can also find him at his local Smash Bros tourney or climbing a rock wall.

Chandra Free

Artist: Chandra’s art focuses on capturing emotion. This uniquely abstract and elongated style has landed her a great number of wild and interesting projects.

Rick Lara

Artist: Rick’s horror inspired style can shake someone to their very core. You’d never guess than such a kind hearted, family man was lurking behind the brush.

Taylor Ash

Artist: Taylor is an art student at Kennesaw State University and a talented one at that. From digital artwork to metalwork, she is mastering it all.


Artist: Hailing from Indonesia, Ajikajik (@ajidwiputra) is an artist we found on Fiverr. His artwork is impressive, and he works diligently to meet every deadline.

Harlan Santana

Artist: Harlan (aka @haraartes) is another lucky find from Fiverr. He is based out of Brazil and pumping out quality images worldwide. #Reliable #AttentionToDetail

Edith Perez

Concept Artist: A naturally gifted artist, a professional photographer, and an event planner, we were lucky to have Edith’s skills in the concept art phase.