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Welcome, One and All

I’m so excited to finally launch this website! It has been a long time coming, but I’m proud of what I was able to pull out of the hat.

As a start-up entrepreneur, I have to know when to pay for someone else’s services or when to put the time and effort into accomplishing something on my own. This website has been one of those solo projects, hence the delayed release. It’s been a lot of hard work, but it’s also been incredibly rewarding and educational.

I’m always looking for ways to improve this website and have many ideas for future updates. That being said, please have a look around. I’d love to hear your feedback. Feel free to send me an email.

Thanks for visiting!

The Process

Making a website is no easy task. There are a lot of different things to consider, from design to functionality to marketing. As a solo designer and entrepreneur, I had a lot to think about.

I ended up choosing WordPress for this project, and to be absolutely honest, I’ve enjoyed the system. I went into this with some basic knowledge of html and css, and luckily, that’s all that was needed. It took time to figure some things out, but with the right plug-in here and a healthy dose of coffee there, we made it work!

Here’s one tip for anyone newbie web designers out there: Install a theme that comes with a large gallery of demo sites. Then, before you start trying to make any changes, install one of the demos that come with your theme. This will give you a strong foundation. Oh, and don’t forget to make a backup of your site, before you start making changes. Duh! Right?

Most importantly, I’ve learned that everything is searchable. If you can’t figure something out on your own within a few minutes, don’t waste any more time trying to DIY. As long as you know exactly what it is your trying to accomplish and word your search carefully, you can find the information you need.

Future Innovations

I have a lot of ideas for new features and functionality, and I’m excited to start implementing them.

The first project on the block will be adding a few more bits of static content. Namely, I’ll be adding information on the artists behind the game, and inserting a section on the homepage with quotes from people that have playtested “The Temporal War”. These are simple additions, that should be ready quickly.

Then, as I start to host public events, I will add a new “Events” page to the main menu. I’ll also host some live online events and include them on this page as well. Event hosting is one of my favorite things to do, so I’m extremely excited for this update.

Finally, in a few months, I will open up an online shop, where people can buy official merch and pre-order the game. Then of course, when the game is readily available, it will also be in this shop.

Again, feel free to shoot me an email if you have any innovative ideas you’d like to share.